Estrogin Estrovar

Estrogin is a half-elf Paladin of Moradin from the city of Derry. She shares second-in-command with Magne.


The hordes of undead assaulted the city walls, while demons of Orcus teleported inside. Estrovar called to Bahamut to save his family, his village, his home. It was after the chaos and hours of horrifying shrieks, when life seemed to be at its end that an exarch of Moradin did save one family. An Estrovar is brave. An Estrovar is virtuous. An Estrovar is Moradin’s Beard.

Estrovar XXIX begot Delia real hard but all’s they could make was a female child. Estrogin, after growing up without a brother, has a beard-shaped hole to fill in her father’s heart.

Estrogin Estrovar

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