The City of Derry

The city of Derry is quite well fortified against external threats, of massed armies and rampaging monsters. It is just as vulnerable as anywhere, however, to the dangers of politics, corruption, and intrigue. Your characters have been hearing rumors of new players in town, a group of Halflings – some have heard them called the Silkdagger Family.

Here are the key features of the city and the people connected to them:

Fraternal Temple: A house of healing, mecca for pilgrims, and a place for the town to gather for meetings. The Council meets here.
  • Gilik (female lizardman), cleric of Bahamut.
  • Strom Thunderpate (male dwarf) cleric of Moradin, also blacksmith.
  • Ilwan Thornsword (male eladrin), cleric of Ioun.
  • Vani Applebottom (female halfling), cleric of Melora.

Rangrim Stouthearth is the dwarven proprietor of DoubleGoblin, Derry’s most successful inn. You’ll come for the fried pickles and potatoes, you’ll stay for the hospitality! Free dwarfbreadsticks with appetizer, limit two baskets per table. Children eat free, with the purchase of an adult meal!

Mr. Thistledew’s Trade Emporium Rumplethorp Thistledew (male gnome), owner of the largest, most comprehensive curio shoppe in town. Associated with Ackerton Shipping.

Wizard’s Tower Pel The Magnificent (male human) researches new spells and magic items in the Wizard’s Tower with his apprentice, Casigar.

Mayor Brandis Coalpepper (male human) presides over the Council and runs the town with the help of his steward (male half-elf).

Captain of the Guard Fip Barnhart (male human). No nonsense, concerned about whether or not things are legal.

The Surrounding Area

The stone city walls of Derry are surrounded by farms, and beyond the farms are the woods surrounding the King’s Road running north and south. To the southeast, along the White River (which runs east to west), are the iron mines, still in production.

To the south of Derry is Harkenwold proper, to the west is Harken Forest that the King’s Road bisects, and to the east is the Dawnforge Mountains.

To the north is a path that leads through the Harken Forest to the Trade Road and ultimately Thunderspire of the Old Hills, but this path has not been maintained or patrolled in living memory.

The trade routes, such as they are these days, are still maintained by the clerics of the Fraternal Temple. The chief clerics of each god have a seat on the Council, and attendance at the religious functions is always high. The good will of the people of Derry provides to the temple which allows the clerics to keep good care of the road and the river.


The people of Derry are evenly mixed of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings.

There is a large half-elf representation in town, and they tend to be in employ of the government.

There used to be a number of eladrin but they were the first to leave town. Now, only Ilwan, cleric of Ioun, remains.

Dwarves live in town forming the bulk of the merchant class. They are the artisans and contractors of Derry. They live predominately in the center of town.

Elves live here as well, and tend to the southwest ghetto, closest to where they originated, the eastern part of Harken Forest.

Halflings live here in abundance, and make up much of the service class. Halflings tend to live along the river, among the warehouses.

Lizardmen are only very rarely seen in Derry, and as far as anyone knows, all are either slaves or freed slaves. Slaves are tolerated here, but not sold or bought, and any owner of a slave must show Proof Of Emancipation (SR427) papers.


Derry trespassers